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Thank You Messages for Friends - Some Sincere, Others Funny

Thank You Messages for Friends - Some Sincere, Others Funny

They say, "A friend in need is a friend indeed." Whether a friend has proved his or her worth by helping you out, by inspiring you, by just spending some memorable moments with you, or by offering you a shoulder to cry on when you needed it the most -- you should definitely express the gratitude that you feel. Saying “thank you” to good friends will not just make them feel cherished and bring a smile to their faces, but will also make you feel awesome. Providing a channel of expression to your feelings will give you an intense sense of blissfulness. After all, being blessed with a beautiful friendship is not something you should take for granted and leave unacknowledged.

In a “Thank you” Message for a friend, the gratitude could be for something specific your friend has done for you in past or recently, or it could be just expressing how fortunate you feel to have him or her as a friend. We could thank our friends just for being themselves. The manner of expression would also depend on your relationship. It could rankle with genuine sincerity, or you could keep it light by adding some humorous punchlines. Do keep in mind, that your friend's sense of humor should play an important role which choosing a Message for him/her.

This is a collection of such messages. Add them to your cards, e-cards, or just send them as texts. In fact, for publicly acknowledging your gratitude you could use them as a status update on your social network of choice, be it Facebook or Google+ or Pinterest. Don’t forget to tag your friend(s) so that they don’t miss it.

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Thank You Messages for Friends

Perfect for texts - Brief and Precise Thank You Messages for Friends 

  • In tough times, it was the knowledge that you believe in me that kept me going. Thanks so much for being a true friend.
  • Celebrating with you makes each achievement more special buddy. Thanks for being in my life.
  • A simple coffee becomes a celebration of friendship, when you are my coffee mate. Thanks for being such a terrific friend.
  • I am lucky and have got a lot of stuff of better quality than I deserve. Your friendship is one of them. Thanks. 
  • Being your friend constantly helps me to become a better person. Thanks so much.
Thank You friend eCard - Coffee Cup becomes Celebration

Thanks For being such a friend whose company can turn a simple coffee cup into a celebration.

Sincere Thank You Messages for Friends

  1. I believe in karma, and I’m sure I’ve done a lot more good deeds in past lives than I remember to be able to deserve a friend like you. Thanks so much for being there for me dude!
  2. When it comes to our friendship, I’m torn between being with good old memories and creating new ones. Thanks to you for such fortunate state of indecision. I really value the memorable times we have spent and continue to spend together.
  3. Some people think I’m a good decision taker. Just thought I would give the credit where it’s due, and thank you for all the good advice that has helped me take correct and timely decisions. Thanks for being such a good listener too!
  4. Just wanted to tell you, that you are not just a friend, you are a teacher too. I’ve learnt so much from you, that I could start wishing you on Teacher’s Day. I’m so glad to have you as my friend. And yeah, Thanks for all the free coaching by the way.
  5. If someone asked me, what my definition of friendship is, I’d say, it’s the way you put up with a jerk like me. It’s your acceptance of my weaknesses and yet your constant and subtle guidance to help me improve. Thanks for being the best friend I could have ever asked for.
  6. I don’t know if you do know it, but I am sort of a fan of yours. Seriously. Your grace, your skilled and organized way of dealing with stuff everyday leave me in awe so many times. I’m not always able to appreciate your presence as much as I would actually want to, so I thought to stop by and say thanks friend. Thanks for being such a graceful and inspiring exemplification.
  7. They say, happiness get doubled when shared, and sorrows get halved. That’s so wrong. If one has a friend like you to share with, happiness would become exponential in magnitude. And sorrows… I’d say half of half, at least. Thanks for being there for me whenever I need you, in happiness or in pain.
  8. Forgiveness in abundance, Good advice absolutely free; Loyalty and trustworthiness are sparkling hallmarks, tell me why are you not labelled lottery? I feel really blessed to have a friend like you.
  9. Without your encouragement, I would’ve never realized the true potential of my capabilities. Thanks so much, for believing in me when no one, not even I did. Thanks a lot for pushing me, without that I wouldn’t be where I am today. And above all, thanks for this priceless gift of your friendship. 
  10. I don’t think I’ve thank you often enough for your good advice, for your help and encouragement, for understanding me and bearing with me when I was being unreasonable. So, well, Thank You. Very Much.
  11. I make so many unacceptable mistakes, and I seriously am surprised with both your generosity in forgiving me, and my sheer good luck for having a friend like you. Thanks, and I promise I’m trying hard to be better.

Funny Thank You Messages for Friends

  1. I’ve been called a weirdo more than once. I tell them a man is made by the company he keeps. Hey, just kidding, but thanks for being a loyal fellow weirdo. Being a lonely weirdo is just… so weird.
  2. You are my unique friend you know. No one else is able to keep up with my nonsensical attitude. Don’t be so unique, you are spoiling me. Just pulling your leg, sorry for being such a jerk sometimes. And thanks for your generous forgiveness.
  3. Having a conversation with you is so comfortable. After all, not much input is required by me. LoL. I love your verbosity buddy, you make the whole atmosphere bright. Be as talkative as you are. Er… not any more than you already are I mean. Leg pulling again. Thank you for being you. 
  4. We’re celebrating this weekend. Join us. Achievement is an old one. Getting you as one of my wingmen. I’m just teasing you. We’ll be celebrating our friendship. Wanna say thanks to you, for being a sporty friend. 
  5. You know you are cheese right -- Not cheesy, cheese -- On this pizza of life, which will, well, be so dry without you. Thanks for being cheese, and do say cheese for me. Thanks again. 
  6. I found a definition for friend. Someone you can always lean on. I took it literally. Now I can never let you go. I’ll fall!! Kidding buddy. By the way, Thanks for being this kind of friend for me. Figuratively. 
  7. Friendship for me used to be a serious thing. Then I met you. We become friends, now Friendship is hilarious. Oh, I’m referring to your herculean ability of making me laugh. Thanks for all the smiles you bring my way. 
  8. Good friends are assets but I’m glad we don’t have to pay taxes according to quality of friends we have. You would be made me end up in the highest slab!! Thanks for being a great friend.

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