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Beauty of Nature - 20 Images with Morning Wishes

Beauty of Nature - 20 Images with Morning Wishes

For hundreds of years, artists all over the world have been trying to capture the beauty of nature around us in paintings, photographs etc. And whether it's the spectacular greenery of fields, the breathtaking palettes of the sky, the mighty heights of mountains, or the endless blue shades of Ocean, everything becomes even more astoundingly beautiful after the golden touch of sunrays in the morning. Morning is the time you want to send wishes to your loved ones, and here are 20 perfect images with stunning scenic beauty scattered by the maestro that nature is. 

The first image features the mighty Dolomites. What makes this morning wish special is the colors of the sky. The unique painting of nature is accompanied by word art which looks as if it has received some strokes of brush too. A beautiful good morning image for your loved ones. 

Good Morning Image with Dolomites Mountains and Script with Swirls
The Dolomites again, but with clear blue skies and satisfactorily saturated greens to complement them in the fabulous reflection created in the peaceful waterbody. Again, a strikingly beautiful good morning image with intriguing lettering styles.
Good Morning Image with Blue Skies complemented by bright Green Trees

While the morning around the silent peak in the background is magnificent in it's own right, the pictures with reflection in water -- the mirror effect -- simply enahnces the allure. This is a good morning image that can transport a feeling of peace and tranquility.

Good Morning wish with scenery that transport peace and tranquility.

The splashes of rustic shades of red in this image make it quite intriguing. The words "Good Morning" get their color from these shades and have as if been balanced on the two peaks. So, balanced shades, balanced words... Send this to someone who needs this balance badly.   

Good Morning Image, Scenic, Rustic Red, Mountain Trees

This image definitely deserves the title of "Go Green". There are so many shades of green in this picture which features endless landscape flaunting tea plantation. Obviously the Good Morning wish had to go green too, to match the flavour of Morning Tea.  

Tea Plantation, Good Morning image goes green

A border with flowers that are of a unique pink shade, and rock stairs which are symbolic of moving on and higher towards the dream success, and beautiful words forming the wish at the beginning of that journey. An exquisite good morning image indeed.

Good Morning image with mountain and Unique Pink shade flowers

The halo that the soft morning rays of sun create around the fine spikes of this fresh green crop is mesmerizing. Send it to someone who loves the thoughts of farm life. 

Sun creating a halo around fine spikes of crop

Rays of the morning Sun bouncing back from the trees in this image will put pure gold to shame. The glow is actually creating an illusion of hidden treasures. Send it to glorify a friend's morning. 

Good morning image with golden sun rays glorifying the entire valley

Blue skies, the greenery of the shrubs and softly blurred petals in yellow and purple set the stage correctly for the main character - a magnificent cliff partially covered in snow. The lettering accommodates for all the star shades in the picture to create an endearing good morning wish.

White Good Morning Lettering with shades of purple and yellow from the flowers and the cliff

The sun rising from behind the mountains has just started to give everything a touch of its trademark gold shade. The huge green fields and beautiful houses make this one a piece of grace. And yet, the dark shades in which the words Good morning are added to the image gives it that lazy, one-last-snooze feel. 

Mountains, grass fields, scenic good morning wish

This is a Good Morning image with a surreal quality. It is as if the clouds are washing up the rocks of the mountains with green. The font of the words decorating the sky complement this charming scenic artistry. Send it via Whatsapp, maybe, to someone who loves the mystic beauty of nature.

Clouds and Mountains with blue skies and beautiful good morning lettering

The soft pastel shades of mauve and orange make this image look more like a painting. Nature's brush strokes are definitely brilliant. A great image to send wishes for a great day.  

Mountain, soft pastel shades of mauve and yellow and elegant lettering for a graceful morning wish

A path in the forest where leaves might rumble, but its enlighted by the morning rays of Sun to inspire your loved ones to follow their dreams despite all the distractions of the noise around. Send these symbolic inspirational thoughts wrapped in a morning greeting to someone who is in need of some motivation. 

Forest path with rumbling leaves enlightened by Sun to inspire someone to follow their dreams - good morning wish

The golden rays of the morning Sun are in a hurry to make everything bright! Send this morning wish to someone whose mornings are energetic, someone who loves an awesome morning and a day full of bright surprises!  

Golden rays of sun in a hurry to make everything glow - good morning image with beautiful landscape

A spectacular palette of colors is favored by Nature to create a morning sky which is as mesmerizing as this one. The vast endless ocean, a couple of boats over the horizon and one ready for the receiver of this good morning greeting, if they are ready to begin the voyage of this new day.

A good morning image featuring a spectacular sky and boats in the ocean

Are the sea green and orange shades of the sky being reflected in the ocean, or it is vice-versa? In any case, the shades complement each other with the perfect color sense of Nature itself. 

Sea Green and Golden Orange Sky at the beach

A breathtaking natural ombre effect with the pink orange glow of the sun taking over the serene blue. A soothing good morning image for someone whom you want to send all the calm that's there in the world.

Blue Orange Ombre Sky - Soothing Good Morning Image

A peaceful morning greeting with the rays of the morning Sun softly spreading across the green grounds, houses and trees. Rays which have already done their magic on the mountains in the background. 

Good morning image, have a peaceful one

An ocean reflecting the glory the morning Sun's glow, and wide silhouettes of three large birds soaring high. An inspirational good morning wish for someone who needs it.

Silhouette of Birds with a rising sun, inspiring to soar high

The wet sand of the beach has become a soft reflector of all the brilliance of the morning sky. A soft wave is ready to refresh this reflector. And yet nothing is perfect. A perfect morning is indeed an illusion. So here is a more practical greeting - a wish for an excellent morning. 

Beach, soft wave and mesmerising colors in sky reflected by the wet sand, wishes you an excellent morning

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