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Free Birthday Greetings for your loved ones

Birthday Wish For Someone Special

B'day eCard to that someone special.. who has made your life so sweet, that you don't wanna wish him/her just Happy Birthday!! Instead you wanna wish a Honey B'day!!

Belated Happy Birthday - Funny eCard - Consistently Missing B'day

Belated Happy Birthday - Funny eCard for someone whose b'day is being missed year after year... quite consistently :)

Birthday eCard - Six Petals

Six petals to make the birthday joy six times.

Birthday eCard - Enjoy with Statistics

Birthday eCard featuring the quote: "Birthdays are good for you, statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest."

Birthday eCard - Confident Flower

A birthday wish for someone with a beautiful smile... a beautiful red rose whose confidence could be ruined by the beautiful smile

Birthday eCard - Flower looking bright and kind

Flower looking bright and warm and kind, for someone with matching personality...

Birthday eCard - for an Evergreen Person

Birthday eCard featuring quote - "Either you are green and growing or you are ripe and rotting." for a person who never stops learning, who never stop growing, who is Evergreen

Birthday eCard - Happy Birthday, Just Like That

A nonsensical Funny little poem to bring a smile - happy birthday - just like that

Birthday eCard - Virtual Cake

Funny Birthday eCard with yummy looking cake - off course - a virtual cake, from someone who can not bake


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